Diverse & Equal - Planned actions & events / Webinars & lectures completed

Planned actions and events

Diverse and Equal
Diverse and Equal

In the second stage of the “Kultura Szacunku / Culture of Respect” campaign entitled “Diverse and Equal” we are planning a range of actions and events, which are intended not only to provide some knowledge about the concept and value of equality as well as to provoke thoughts and debate regarding the problems and deficits in that area, but also to attract attention and encourage engagement of a possibly largest audience, members of our academic community:

In the implementation of the campaign we have important and powerful allies:

It is possible that in some of the actions we will also join forces with the University of Gdańsk and Technical University of Gdańsk

More detail information about the actions and events will be published both on this website and in the social media.

Webinars and lectures completed

One of the elements of the second stage of the campaign “Kultura Szacunku / Culture of Respect” entitled Różni i Równi / Diverse and Equal and dedicated to equality, are webinars and lectures online and on-site, concerning various aspects, criteria and contexts of equality.

In the table below we present the chronological list of webinars and lectures completed.

Chronological list of webinars and lectures completed within the campaign Diverse and Equal:

Lp. Data Tytuł Autor / wykładowca
1. March 15th, 2023 Fat-shaming in Polish medicine Dr. Aleksandra Mojkowska, specialist in general and bariatric surgery, initiator and member of the team of the Patients’ Ombudsman for preventing discrimination of obese patients
2. April 19th, 2023 About discrimination of individuals with obesity in the healthcare system Magdalena Gajda, founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Individuals with Obesity OD-WAGA
3. May 11th, 2023 “Żywa Biblioteka / Living Library” A chance to meet Living Books – persons who experience various forms of discrimination or exclusion
4. May 22nd, 2023 The Polish language is not a can of sprats. A few words about inclusive language Maciej Makselon, university teacher, TEDx speaker, instructor of writing, popularizes the knowledge of the Polish language

webinar Fat-shaming w polskiej medycynie

We also wish to encourage the members of the academic community of the Medical University of Gdańsk to get involved and share their views, opinions, and ideas regarding equality and equal treatment in any context to the email address of the Culture of Respect campaign respect@gumed.edu.pl.


Webinar Fat-shaming in Polish medicine


The webinar Fat-shaming in Polish medicine, organised as part of the Diverse and Equal campaign in cooperation with the SKN Komunikacji Medycznej/SKN Medical Communication, will take place on 15 March this year at 18:00 online via the Zoom platform. The event will be moderated by Aleksandra Mojkowska, M.D., Ph.D. – a specialist in general surgery, bariatric surgeon, initiator of the establishment, and member of the Team at the Patient Ombudsman for counteracting discrimination against people suffering from obesity.