What the culture of respect is?

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What the culture of respect is?



As part of the campaign Culture of Respect, several webinars have been prepared. They concern ways of communication and cooperation with mutual respect and trust. They will be hosted by specialists from the University of Gdańsk: Assoc. Prof. Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, Dr Habil. and Magdalena Żadkowska Ph.D.

Another meeting concerned the essence of culture of respect. Experts also emphasised that its creation at our University doesn’t mean building it from scratch. They indicated that necessary is an analysis of rules of organizations and institutions with highly developed culture of respect and analysis of cultural circumstances of people arriving our University. Next step is an implementation proven solutions. Moreover, the specialists explained that the culture of given person or society is in fact a lot of various behaviours, thinking schemes and opinions of which only 10% is visible at first glance. In the following part of webinar conditions needed to make given person feel good in the society were explained. After that the invited guests told about their feelings from the time of adaptation to new environment and indicated other people’s attitudes that turned to be the most helpful for them.