Diverse and Equal
Diverse and Equal

Culture of Respect is an initiative aimed at improving interpersonal relations between the members of the community of the Medical University of Gdańsk. To achieve this goal, we will present and discuss values which are important for our community and good practices of community development, based on respect, equal treatment, kindness, trust and understanding.

Diverse and Equal is the second stage of the campaign and is dedicated to the value, concept and problem of equality, in broad understanding of the term.

Coordinators of “Diverse and Equal” campaign

  • Ewa Kiszka, MA, Head Office for Internationalization
  • Małgorzata Omilian-Mucharska, MA, Head of MUG Publishing Unit – Editor-in-Chief
  • Jacek Kaczmarek, MD, PhD, International Alumni Relations Officer

Invitation to contact

We wish to encourage everyone to offer their feedback, opinions, remarks, comments, suggestions and reports of problems concerning the issue of equality and equal treatment within the MUG community and outside the campus.

E-mail contact:

  • – general correspondence regarding the campaign, ideas and suggestions of anti-discrimination and pro-equality actions; recipients: campaign coordinators
  • – suggestions of anti-discrimination and pro-equality actions from the students; recipients: MUG’s Student Parliament;
  • – proposals of texts and graphics for publishing in Gazeta GUMed; recipients: Editorial Office of Gazeta GUMed;
  • – reporting of instances of discrimination, unequal treatment, mobbing, etc.; recipient: Prof. Tomasz Smiatacz, Vice-Rector for Students’ Affairs